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Feedback from our graduates

We asked our graduates to share their study experience in Eurosld and here is what they sent us!

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I participated in the Global Governance and Diplomacy Course, which I must say exceeded my expectations and opened up my mind to the possibilities in the world of International development and emerging geopolitical issues. The Lectures by Professor Alisher Sadykov were quite engaging, practical, and used case studies for discussions. He encouraged everyone in the Class to share their experiences and point of view from different parts of the world as we were quite a diverse class. I hope to use the knowledge acquired to further my career in Public Policy and Governance.

Personally, it was a course that allowed me to have a broader view of relevant aspects of international development and diplomacy. I think it is a very good tool to approach issues of international relevance and to be able to understand them from critical thinking. Also interacting with classmates from different contexts is very enriching and in the hands of professional teachers is an asset.




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Through this programme I have gained a profound understanding of international security including an overview of different international institutions involved in security, such as UN and EU, as well as a theoretical understanding of security issues. Thanks to the competence of the lecturer and the motivation of the students I always looked forward to our interesting discussions of actual security issues. International Security


It has been one of the most interesting and impactful courses I have taken so far. 

I particularly enjoyed the content of this program and the fact that it was very practical and interactive. We covered a wide range of topics some of which I had little background knowledge of. The course not only allowed me to get a deeper understanding of international security issues, but also gave me the possibility to interact with great people from all over the world who introduced me to different perspectives. Last but not least, I am very thankful to Alisher, a passionate professor who provided us with his knowledge and expertise. I honestly think that organization and professionalism have been and are the winning components of this impeccable program. It has been a wonderful journey in a great atmosphere! I truly recommend it.







I found the ‘Global Governance and Diplomacy’ course offered by EUROSLD to be very collaborative and highly educational. The two-week course covered important issues like global trade, global migration, climate change, global hunger and poverty and some international development case studies from the Africa. The course content seemed extensive but its relevance to the present-day world made it a great learning experience for me. Frequent interactions with other colleagues from different parts of the world further helped me understand the world affairs through their experiences. Prof. Alisher Sadykov’s efforts to reconcile students from diverse backgrounds and deliver lectures in a very pragmatic manner was highly appreciative. I am certain that the knowledge and the skills that I gained during this course will be helpful in the future.

Hello! My name is Clara and I have taken part in the Global Governance and Diplomacy program. Throughout these 2 weeks, I was able to learn in-depth about many subtopics relating to our main course. The possibility of working with students from different countries gave me the chance to know more up-to-date facts and problems that their motherlands are facing. I have learned the reasons why each country had maintained its stances on worldwide crises by discussing them in a very friendly and constructive spectrum. During the 2 hours lecture, our teacher Mr. Alisher Sadykov taught me so many things, going into specific details and how to tackle the issues that our society is facing nowadays. The time flew so fast and every minute of our course was so fascinating and informative with fruitful discussions and outstanding perspectives. As for my personal development, I believe this program has opened my eyes in so many areas of diplomacy and international relationships







The ESLD course on Global Governance and Diplomacy proved to be a valuable and insightful program, offering a deep understanding of the complexities of global governance and the pivotal role of diplomacy in addressing contemporary global challenges. The program was delivered in a practical setting and covered a wide range of topics through thought-provoking and engaging lectures, bringing debates into the classroom. Furthermore, the diverse backgrounds of the participants provided for the most interesting and varied contributions, establishing connections between global governance and distinct fields such as law, economics, and politics. Lastly, the professor's passion for the subject and ability to explicate complex topics made the course extremely enjoyable and enlightening. His dedication to the students' success was admirable, as he provided constructive and helpful feedback and suggestions going into the future. Overall, the course exceeded all my expectations and proved to be an excellent first step into building our roles as future leaders.

Coming across The European School of Leadership and Development via social media, I was apprehensive and really wasn’t sure what to expect but decided to do the Global Governance and Diplomacy Programme to build on the interest/knowledge I had gained from my undergraduate degree. I am so glad that I did partake in the course, it was not only incredibly engaging and informative but also has re-ignited my interest in the Politics and International Relations field and has inspired my future study/career plans. The two-week online course fitted in nicely around my current job, with the lectures being informative and engrossing and giving me the opportunity to talk to and hear from a range of people from all walks of life across the globe also partaking in the Programme. I found the lecturer (Professor Sadykov) fantastic; he is very knowledgeable, supportive, capable of making the topics come alive and has the ability to ensure that although the course was online that everyone was engaged and encouraged to contribute. I would recommend this course and organisation to anyone – I thoroughgoingly enjoyed the course and the people I have met through it.

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United Kingdom

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The ESLD Programme on Global Governance and Diplomacy has been essential to deepen my knowledge in the field and, furthermore, it has been a great opportunity to learn about the most disparate topics and to meet amazing people from all over the globe. I have been able to share my voice and listen to lectures which have broaden my view on the contemporary world and its complex mechanisms, exceeding all my expectations. I loved the interactions and fully benefited from them. I absolutely recommend this course and I will probably attend many others from the school.


The Global Governance and Diplomacy Program I attended exceeded my expectations in several ways. The diversity of the participants provided a mind opening experience by presenting different points of views from various parts of the world. The content pool was so broad that it was like a good tasting, which leaves you hungry for more. Last but not least, Alisher Sadykov was truly a great instructor, not only by delivering the information in an interesting and realistic way but also by offering an open platform to safely communicate our ideas. I’m grateful for this wonderful opportunity.

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The course was very unusual compared to any other online courses that I have ever attended. Besides learning important theory, we had a great chance to share our experience, thoughts, views between all course members. There were amazing people from different countries and continents, so we had a chance to learn many new things and points of view. The course was the imitation of global governance and diplomacy, we generated ideas that could be useful in a real international organisation. Super motivates you to continue and to change the world!


The Global Governance and Diplomacy Programme at the European School for Leadership Development was very insightful, interactive and educating.  It covered all areas concerned with international organisation and cooperation especially with regards to governance and diplomacy; also reaching intensively into the sustainable development goals. Delivered in a very relaxed atmosphere by an encouraging lecturer, I highly recommend this programme to anyone looking at building a career in international development.

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In November 2022 I enrolled in a two-week program in Global Governance and Diplomacy. This unique program offers a student-centered academic experience where lectures and discussions shape an all-round understanding of complex issues such as sustainability, migration, peacekeeping and national branding to name a few. The program is truly international in scope with participants from all over the globe. The teaching is fluid incorporating not only topics featured in the curriculum but also discussions and analysis of current affairs. The course has provided me not only with indispensable theoretical  foundation and real-life understanding of key concepts, but has become a clarion call to pursue my career and academic aspirations.

I was not sure about the enrollment in this course and didn’t knew what to expect. My background is ecology and natural sciences, this topic of global governance and diplomacy may not seem correlated but in today’s world we need a good platform for free and informed speech to create a path towards a better future.

This course was a good surprise! The classes were dynamic with a group of different experts around the world that made it easier to learn with recent exemples and personal experiences. I needed a basic set of knowledge and tools to actually make a diference in solving some of the most difficult problems in the world in my field. Found just that! And a great network of colleagues align with the same goal.

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Dr Fergus


I joined the ELSD course, not knowing what to expect. At the end of the course; I learnt about international trade, SDGs, global governance and diplomacy,  global migration,  climate change, national branding, hunger, poverty and unemployment, global peace and the role of international organisations in global governance.

It opened up insight to career development in the UN, UNICEF, RED CROSS, DOCTORS WITHOUT BOARDERS ETC. Key enhancements to learning were the discussions from the diverse and intelligent classmates. It was indeed an opener and interesting journey.  The approach from the facilitator was topnotch and appealing to your learning appetite as well as your curiosity.  Looking to chase a career in international relations and global peace? I recommend this course for you.

I joined European school of Leadership and development course not sure whether i needed it or not. After admission, i even considered withdrawing because of my other commitments. However, after the sessions started, i was hooked up to it. The sessions were quite educative. The lecturer was very knowledgeable. The participants were eager to share their experiences from different parts of the world. I felt two weeks was too short. 

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