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The unique opportunity to expand your horizons and gain insights into the world of international affairs.

Next trip:  14–18 May 2023

About The Study Trip


Located in the northeastern part of France, close to the border with Germany, Strasbourg is known for its beautiful historic centre, including the famous Notre Dame Cathedral, charming canals, and picturesque half-timbered houses. This charming place is also home to the European Parliament, which is one of the seven institutions of the European Union where EUROSLD is happy to take its students. 

This visit is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive overview of the organization's work and mandate. You'll gain insights into how this institution contributes to promoting international peace and security while passing laws, approving budgets and among more protecting our rights and freedom. This is your unique chance to witness firsthand the inner workings of the European Parliament and learn about its role in shaping our society.

Alongside the visit, you will be able to engage with students from all over Europe and get a  hands-on experience of European parliamentary democracy. By participating in this program, you can certainly expect to gain valuable experience that will undoubtedly contribute to your personal and professional growth.



Upon successful completion of the study trip, all participants will be awarded a certification of participation. This certificate is a testament to the student's dedication to learning and their commitment to international affairs. This document is a valuable supplement to your CV, highlighting the academic achievements and the valuable experience gained during the program. It is a useful credential for students looking to advance their careers or pursue further education in the field of international affairs.

How To Join

This opportunity is designed for students who have achieved exceptional academic results and demonstrated a profound commitment to their studies. To be invited for this trip, students need to showcase their dedication to international affairs and prove their academic excellence through the final assignment. Up to 3 top-performing students from each course who exhibit outstanding academic and personal qualities will be chosen to participate in this program.

This is your unique opportunity to delve deeper into the world of international organizations, engage with distinguished speakers, network with fellow students from around the world, and gain unparalleled insights into the intricate workings of the United Nations.

Practical Details

What Is Included In The Study Trip:



We provide all students with accommodation for the entirety of the program. You will be staying in shared rooms for two people. If you require a single room, we can arrange this for an additional fee based on availability.



Based The program includes breakfast at the hotels for the duration of the program. Additionally, there is one evening when the drinks will be paid for by the organizers to celebrate the new experience.

It is important to note that meals other than breakfast are not included in the trip price, and participants will be responsible for covering those costs on their own. 



Our comprehensive program covers all the planned activities, from thought-provoking visits to institutions to engaging workshops and lectures. But that's not all - we'll also take you on exciting excursions to explore new locations, making sure you have a truly unforgettable experience.

What Is not Included?

Transportation to the destination and back home:

The study trip program does not cover your transportation to the destination and back home. This is primarily because of our diverse group of people coming from different destinations as well as your possible personal preferences over a certain means of transportation.

Lunches & Dinners:

Please note that lunches and dinners are not included in the program. Our program provides you with the flexibility to choose your own eating destination and method, allowing you to indulge in the culinary delights that pique your interest. Plus, with more time to socialize, you'll have ample opportunities to connect with your fellow participants and make lasting memories.

Example of Study Trip Planning

Day 1:

Until 18:00 – Arrival at the hotel

19:00 – Dinner together and networking

21:00 – Free time


Day 2:

8:00 – Breakfast at the hotel

9:00 – Intro lecture about International Organizations and Global Governance

11:00 – Visit to the International Organization

13:00 – Lunch

15:00 – Lecture from International Organization

17:00 – Team building and case studies presentation

19:00 – Dinner & free time


Day 3:

8:00 – Breakfast at the hotel

9:00 – Lecture about the case discussed at International Organization and International Relations

10:30 – Coffee break

11:00 – Team building and group work

13:00 – Lunch

15:00 – Team building and group work

19:00 – Dinner and free time


Day 4:

8:00 – Breakfast at the hotel

9:00 – Consultation time with your teacher about your case study and presentation

10:30 – Coffee break

11:00 – Presentation and defence of the case

13:00 – Lunch & free time

18:00 – Graduation ceremony

19:00 – Goodbye dinner and party


Day 5:

8:00 – Breakfast at the hotel

10:00 –  City tour & free time

15:00 – Departure

*Please be advised that the given schedule is intended solely as an example, to provide you with a general understanding of what you can expect. The specific trip plan and activities are designed according to the requirements of the group and will be communicated to all participants in advance.

We look forward to welcoming our students to this extraordinary experience in Strasbourg.

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